What Lies Around The Bend
by anonymous

It was a gloomy day. Viridescent trees were bowing down at the courtyard, waving at the ear-piercing sound of silence. Ants where clinging onto those bowing trees, begging for peace. Leaves crunched under the soft whistle of the wind, pushing past all types of barriers, determined to be set free.

“What lies around the bend is unforgettable,” the man whispered. His face was covered by a black hoodie. His hands were gloved, and his neck was strapped around by a thin, white cloth. It was quite idiosyncratic for someone to be wearing something like that, these days. “It was a day of luminescent sunlight, and iridescent rivers. I strolled through the tranquil scene, walking towards the bend. The bend that changed my life. It is why I am like – this. I can’t walk or move properly. Just because I walked around that bend.” I turned off the television, and sighed.

My name is Summer Parker. 2 years ago, a terrible incident occurred. It was on the first of September – Adrien and I’s birthday. We lived in an orphanage for most of our life. Our parents died, when they met a car accident, 18 years ago. Since it was Adrien and I’s 16th birthday, we decided to check out of the orphanage, knowing that we were old enough to take care of ourselves.

That day, we decided to go to this enchanting scenery. Serene. It was terribly incredible. It was called Orchard’s Valley.

That scene. That terrible scene played out in my mind. The blood. His lifeless body. Everything that I wished would never have happened. Everything I never expected that would happen. All that happened that day. The words he told me before his death.

The day before the accident, I saw a news report about a scenery area, where there had been dozens of unexplained deaths of innocent men. Before I could discover what place these deaths occurred in, my television lost connection.

But I never knew that that place would be here.

While we were celebrating our birthday on the beautiful site, Adrian said that he wanted to discover what was on the other side of the sudden bend in the path. I decided to stay, and relish the scenery instead.

I waited.

And waited.

Moments turned into minutes.

Minutes turned into hours.

And still, I waited.

The soft sound of distant breathing had caught my attention. I stood up, and slowly ambled towards the bridge. I thought Adrien was trying to frighten me. But he wasn’t. There, I found him. Dead.

Dead as a doornail.

Around that bend was something mysterious. Something ruthless. But whatever it was, I knew that it was coming for me. Going around a bend, is like going around a new stage of life. It cannot be skipped. What it is, is what it is. The bend can make you face hundreds of new predicaments and challenges, and fate is the only thing that is reliable. What lies around the bend is unforgettable.

Word count: 506
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Part 1: Your Revised Essay

Title: The Unforgettable Bend

The gloomy day weighed heavily on Summer Parker’s shoulders as she stood at the edge of the wooden path, sandwiched between a cliff and a river. The viridescent trees bowed down, their leaves rustling and crunching under the soft whistle of the wind. Ants clung to the branches, their tiny bodies braving the elements as they sought refuge from the elements. The scene was hauntingly beautiful, yet it carried a sense of foreboding.

Two years earlier, Summer had watched a news report about a mysterious series of unexplained deaths in a scenic area. She recalled the words of a hooded man, whose face was obscured by shadows: “What lies around the bend is unforgettable.” His story had been unsettling, and she remembered the way he described his life being changed forever after walking around the bend. Summer could not have known that her own life would soon be similarly altered.

On that fateful day, Summer and her twin brother, Adrien, had decided to visit Orchard’s Valley to celebrate their sixteenth birthday. Having grown up in an orphanage after their parents’ tragic car accident, the siblings were eager to explore the world on their own. The enchanting scenery of the valley was breathtaking, and Summer had no idea of the danger that lurked around the bend.

As they stood at the wooden path, Adrien expressed his curiosity about what lay beyond the mysterious bend. Summer opted to stay behind, soaking in the serenity of the scene. Hours passed with no sign of her brother, and a chilling sensation crept up her spine. She eventually mustered the courage to venture around the bend, where she found Adrien’s lifeless body. Whatever had claimed his life now haunted Summer, and she knew that the bend represented a new, uncertain stage in her life.

Part 2: Writing Enhancement Points and General Scoring

Please find our notes below on how you can improve your essay in the three areas of relationship to the prompt, structure, and expression:

  1. Relationship to the prompt: In the original essay, the wooden path and the phrase “What lies around the bend is unforgettable” are integrated into the story but could be emphasized further. In the revised essay, we enhance the connection to the prompt by consistently referring to the wooden path as the central setting, highlighting its unique position between the cliff and the river. We also place more emphasis on the phrase by using it as a driving force for the story’s theme, as well as mentioning the hooded man’s quote to create a sense of foreboding and mystery from the beginning.
  2. Structure: The original essay’s structure could be confusing for readers due to its non-linear narrative, lack of clear transitions, and abrupt changes in focus. To improve the structure in the revised essay, we introduce each section with a clear topic sentence, providing a roadmap for readers. We also make sure that the story flows logically, with a consistent focus on Summer’s experiences and emotions. Additionally, we transition smoothly between the present, past, and back to the present, ensuring that the reader can easily follow the story’s progression without getting lost or disoriented.
  3. Expression: In the original essay, some sentences could be rephrased to improve clarity and readability, such as: “Ants where clinging onto those bowing trees, begging for peace.” In the revised essay, we rephrase this sentence to: “Ants clung to the branches, their tiny bodies braving the elements as they sought refuge from the elements.” By correcting the verb tense and providing more descriptive language, we create a more vivid and engaging reading experience. We also address other instances of awkward phrasing, overly dramatic language, and punctuation errors throughout the revised essay, ensuring that the writing is clear, concise, and impactful.

The general score for this essay is 5.

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