Online Debate Training Course - Tutor-Led by Former State Team Debating Squad Member

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To help your child get ahead in school and beyond, Exam Success has developed an Online Debating Training Course where participants will improve their English, work on their creativity and critical thinking as well as significantly boost their communication skills. And we’re going to have fun, too!

According to Forbes (2019), debating, as an activity, would fall under the three of the most valuable skills for the future.

This well-rounded program includes five tutor-led online debate classes (led by a former State Team Debating Square Member) in a small group of only 5 people. In each online session, participants will do a mock debate on a hot topic and learn all the nuts and bolts of a powerful persuasive speech. Students will learn to define a topic, structure their message, come up with strong arguments and evidence as well as present those clearly and persuasively.

An additional benefit is that with online learning you get undisrupted & safe learning. With the outbreak of the global pandemic COVID-19, it’s essential to keep your family as safe as possible. With our program, your child learns from the safety and comfort of your home. No risky virus exposure or disrupted classes. All your child needs to join is reliable internet, a set of headphones with a microphone and a computer.

Please note that this program is a special class (so details about typical writing club classes that can be found on this page do not apply) and full details of this special program, including 2020 timetable can be found here:

To secure your spot for a certain date, make a purchase on this program and we'll be in touch.

What's in Writing Club...

Valuable scoring & feedback

You will be allocated writing prompts based on your exam selection to complete and when you've finished writing your essay, just press the "request rank" button on our in-house writing app. Once that's done, you'll get your writing score and feedback based on our essay feedback return schedule and learn about the weaknesses in your writing and how to improve them - that way, you get the advice you need to succeed!

Masterclass videos (selected plans)

Choose from 96 masterclass videos with each video being at least 30 minutes long. Masterclass videos allow you to learn from the best - people who have achieved high marks in exams and who can share with you their tips and tricks. Through masterclass videos, you'll learn how to write persuasive and creative pieces with ease.

Dedicated learning plan

Our system will formulate a learning plan of masterclass videos and writing prompts for you to complete based on your exam and the weaknesses in your writing identified through Expert Writing Insights. This will all be available on your writing club dashboard and is dedicated to improving your skills. That way, you don't waste time learning something you already know.

Why Your Child Should Join Writing Club...

Real Improvement

Past students have had success - check out their success stories . Real writing improvement comes from reviewing work and subsequently writing and fixing up sentences so that a writing piece is better than it previously was. Writing Club at its core is about your improvement through valuable feedback, practice and editing.

Easy Way to Get Practice

In this day and age, it's hard to get motivated to do regular practice for writing. Even in school, there's not enough time dedicated to basic literacy skills that literacy standards are dropping. Writing Club is an easy way to make sure you get this much needed practice to continually improve your writing.

Valuable Feedback

Gone are the days of vague feedback like “good work” or “needs improvement”. You need more than that! Through our in-house developed software - Expert Writing Insights, you will get your writing piece ranked plus given valuable insights over a number of criteria that explains why you got the mark you got, what your 5 key weaknesses are and tips to improve your writing based on these identified weaknesses. You can check out an example of Expert Writing Insights here.

Flexible & Convenient

Writing Club works around your schedule. Unlike set weekly classes, you don’t need to change your plans and you don’t need to commit to meeting at a certain time and day every week for 5 weeks. Writing Club is online and your you can do your writing pieces at a time at suits you. This gives you flexibility.

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Only $AU172.50 per cycle

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