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Exam Success creates study material so that you can do your best test preparation, ever.

Our study material gives you learning from experts who have ACED your exams before.

We have programs and material such as:

We are online only which means that our study and test preparation material can be:

Exam Success was formed in 2011 to help students prepare specifically for selective school tests in Victoria in person and online. After seeing how the internet could help students prepare for their competitive tests, Exam Success expanded to become online only to help more students ACE their exams!

While we are based in Melbourne, Australia, we have helped students - wherever they are. We have helped students in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, India and more.

People often have a misconception that online only means poor service. Absolutely untrue. We pride ourselves on customer service and that means getting back to enquiries within 24 hours (actually, for most enquiries, we get back to customers within 1 hour).

Exam Success was founded by Vi - author of the original series of exam preparation books that help students prepare for their tests quickly.

Titles are: How to write a top creative piece in under 15 minutes!, How to write an argumentative piece under 15 minutes!, General ability to reach for exam success!, How to write an argumentative piece under 20 minutes! : 4 simple steps to help you complete that top essay!, How to write a top creative piece in under 20 minutes! : 3 tests to apply to help maximise your score.

These selective school test preparation books can be found at your nearest library - to see if they are available please check here.

Exam Success' founder is a past selective school student (MacRobertson Girls' High School), a University of Melbourne scholarship recipient and is quoted as an exam expert in many publications.

We believe that learning from experts who have done your test and who can explain things in simple ways is effective.

We believe that with the right test preparation material and dedication, you can successfully pass your test and achieve what it is that you set out to achieve, whether it's entrance into a school or getting a new job.

We have been delighted to help many students ace their exams and achieve their dreams.

We want to be part of your story and want to help you achieve what you set out to achieve.

And to do that, we will make your test preparation as EASY and as EFFECTIVE as it can be.

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