21 Week Study Plan for Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension requires strategies to deal with each type of extract specifically - what does that mean?  It means that in reading comprehension you’re given all these different types of passages such as narrative, poetry, cartoons and more.  To answer them successfully you need to know about the genre and have a plan that caters to each genre to successfully answer question - reading comprehension is not a one-size-fits-all type of thing!

I’ve prepared a standard study plan for you - it’s a guide that I’ve used in preparing for students I’ve successfully tutored to passing their exams and getting into their choice of schools.  The study plan does rely on the following sources:

  • Practice Papers written by ACER provided on the NSW Department of Education’s website here.
  • Exam Success’ Course for Reading Comprehension at www.examsuccess.com.au (available to purchase from mid-late August 2014)

Here it is…

Study Plan for Reading Comprehension

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Week, Activities, Milestones

1,Do Practice Question Reading 1 without time limit,Practice Exam

2,Review Reading 1 Results,Debrief on Exam


4,Start Reading Course Checkpoint 1 & 2,See Checkpoints

5,Reading Course Checkpoint 3,See Checkpoints

6,Reading Course Checkpoint 4,See Checkpoints

7,Reading Course Checkpoint 5,See Checkpoints

8,Reading Course Checkpoint 6,See Checkpoints


10,Reading Course Checkpoint 7,See Checkpoints

11,Reading Course Checkpoint 8,See Checkpoints

12,Reading Course Checkpoint 9,See Checkpoints

13,Reading Course Checkpoint 10 & 11,Practice Exam

14,Reading Course Checkpoint 12,Debrief on Exam


16,Do Practice Question Reading 2 - Timed,Practice Exam

17,Review Reading 2 Results,Debrief on Exam


19,Do Practice Question Reading 3 - Timed,Practice Exam

20,Review Reading 3 Results,Debrief on Exam

21,Review areas in course checkpoint that you need help in


The checkpoints for the course are listed below, so you know what topic you need to tick off.

Checkpoints for Reading Comprehension (Copyright from Exam Success Pty Ltd Course)

[table tablesorter=“o”o" class="table table-border]

Checkpoint Number, Checkpoint

1, Introduction

2, Narrative - Literal

3, Narrative - Figurative

4, Non-fiction extracts

5, Interviews

6, Historical stories and programs

7, Autobiographical extracts

8, Poetry

9, Cartoons

10, Exam Strategy

11, Final Exam

12, Solutions to the Exam


All study plans are a guide and do not guarantee entry into a school/job (just a disclaimer we have to put in)

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