Mathematics and Numerical Reasoning Study Plan (22 Weeks) for Selective School, Scholarship and Police Exams

This study plan is designed to help you prepare for the NSW Selective School (but this study plan can also be used if you are studying for the Victorian Police exam, PSO exam and defence force recruiting and those exams, from my knowledge are also written by ACER).  It assumes that you’re at a B+ grade in school already and that you can add, subtract, multiply and divide along with doing things like fractions.  Here are some baseline questions:

  1. Do you know what a hexagon is?
  2. Do you know what a triangular prism is?
  3. Which of these are fractions: one-half, 25%, 0.46 and can you convert each one to the other formats?
  4. If you add the total angles of a triangle how many degrees do you get?  How about if you were to do the same to a square or rectangle?

If you are not confident with those baseline questions or if you want to solidify your knowledge, prior to going through the study plan, I would start off going through chapter by chapter of a Year 7 text books.  You can pick one up at your local library, school library or failing that, go to the book depository or amazon.  Going through the chapters of the book may take some time (1 month if you’re dedicated) but again study smart - if there’s an area you know, skip it and move onto the next.

I guess the downside with textbooks are that they’re  theory based.  You do a lot of practice questions to solidify your knowledge of the theory (e.g. What is 1/4 of 80?) but the practice questions are very direct.  On the other hand, ACER practice questions require a lot of reasoning and application on your part to the question at hand (e.g. do I use fractions on this? should I multiply? should I divide? ahhh… what should I do???).  So that’s when we get onto the study plan.

Remember the study plan draws upon existing sources:

  • Practice Papers written by ACER provided on the NSW Department of Education’s website here.
  • Exam Success’ Course for Mathematics and Numerical Reasoning at (available to purchase from mid-late August 2014)

So here it is for mathematics… note that it also include numerical reasoning as ACER math tests tend to converge onto numerical reasoning.

Study Plan for Mathematics and Numerical Reasoning

[table tablesorter=“o” class="table table-border]

Week, Activities, Milestones

1,Do Practice Question Maths 1 without time limit,Practice Exam

2,Review Maths 1 results,Debrief on Exam

3,Do Practice Questions Maths 2,Practice Exam

4,Do Practice Questions Maths 3,Practice Exam

5,Start Mathematics Course Checkpoint 1 & 2,See Checkpoints

6,Mathematics Course Checkpoint 3,See Checkpoints

7,Mathematics Course Checkpoint 4,See Checkpoints

8,Mathematics Course Checkpoint 5,See Checkpoints

9,Mathematics Course Checkpoint 6,See Checkpoints

10,Mathematics Course Checkpoint 7,See Checkpoints

11,Mathematics Course Checkpoint 8,See Checkpoints

12,Mathematics Course Checkpoint 9,See Checkpoints

13,Mathematics Course Checkpoint 10 & 11 & 12,See Checkpoints

14,“Start Numerical Reasoning Course Checkpoint 1, 2 & 3”,See Checkpoints

15,Numerical Reasoning Course Checkpoint 4,See Checkpoints

16,Numerical Reasoning Course Checkpoint 5,See Checkpoints

17,Numerical Reasoning Course Checkpoint 6,See Checkpoints

18,Numerical Reasoning Course Checkpoint 7,See Checkpoints

19,Numerical Reasoning Course Checkpoint 8,See Checkpoints

20,Numerical Reasoning Course Checkpoint 9,See Checkpoints

21,Numerical Reasoning Course Checkpoint 10 & 11 & 12,See Checkpoints

22,Practice Questions Maths 4 under timed conditions,Practice Exam



Checkpoints for Mathematics (Copyright from Exam Success Pty Ltd Course)

[table tablesorter=“o” class="table table-border]

Checkpoint number, Checkpoint

1, Introduction

2, Transposing and Solving Worded Questions to Formulas

3, Basics - Addition - Multiplication - Subtraction and Division

4, Percentage - Decimal Movement and Ratios

5, Symmetry

6, Geometry and Angles

7, Reading Graphs

8, Algebra

9, Area - Perimeter - Volume and Distance

10, Savings and Profit Calculations

11, Time zone differences and Probability

12, Final Exam and Solutions to the Exam


Checkpoints for Numerical Reasoning (Copyright from Exam Success Pty Ltd Course)

[table tablesorter=“o” class="table table-border]

1, Introduction

2, Number pattern series

3, Number patterns - grouped in images

4, Number patterns - Matrix

5, Coding worded problems - Overview

6, Coding and solving worded problems - distribution across options

7, Coding and solving worded problems - find the unknown with 1 variable

8, Coding and solving worded problems - find the unknown with multiple variables

9, Growth in numbers within image multiples

10, Missing number using algebra

11, Exam Strategy and Final Exam

12, Solutions to the Exam



All study plans are a guide and do not guarantee entry into a school/job (just a disclaimer we have to put in)

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jodie mcconnell October 21, 2015

hi any help will be great, me and maths are not great!!!

Mandeep December 07, 2017

My son will be taking scholarship exam of year 11 for private schools in Sydney in February-March 2018. What study plans can you recommend for him?

Vi from December 08, 2017

Hi Mandeep, Unfortunately, we don't have specific study plans for Year 11 however, I'd suggest going through the existing study plan that's on the post as a base and then going through a recently published Year 11 maths textbook (you can pick one up from the library) to make sure your son covers what he needs to know in mathematics.

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