Should I send my child to a public or private school?

The decision to send your child to a public or private school is one that many parents worry about.  Understandably so, as there are heaps of choices that can make things confusing.  For example:

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How to Get a Private High School Scholarship

This year, there are over 292 schools across Australia offering academic scholarships.  Academic scholarships offers are decided primarily on a child’s performance on an entrance exam.  These exams are competitive and rightly so - a high school scholarship can save parents $90,000*

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Private Schools in Sydney and NSW Offering Scholarships & What's Tested

There are a number of private schools in Sydney and the NSW area that offer scholarship to students. Scholarship offer students monetary reward (through the reduction of school fees) but it also benefits the school too because by attracting bright students, the results of the

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