QUESTION 006 - Stereotypes (Grade 9)

Stereotypes are assumptions that we make about people, based upon preconceived ideas of what a category of a 'type' of person looks like and acts. In general stereotypes seem to be true, and are often over-exaggerated in characters in movies, books and TV shows. However, most of the time, upon getting to know a person, you realise that the stereotype for their generic look or grouping isn't always accurate.

Choose a stereotyped group of people. This stereotype could be based upon social status, job or hair colour. You could consider public figures who fit into the stereotyped group, to compare real personalities and traits with their stereotyped attributes.

Write to persuade the reader that the grouping of people are wrongly portrayed by their stereotypes.

Structure your piece by:

  • Starting with an introduction. An introduction lets your reader know what you are going to write about.
  • Put forward your opinion on the topic. Provide reasons for your opinion and most importantly, explain them.
  • End with a conclusion. A conclusion sums up your reasons so that your reader is convinced of your opinion.

To gain the most points, you should:

  • organise your ideas by planning.
  • write using correct spelling and punctuation.
  • write full sentences
  • use paragraphs where needed.
  • select words carefully.
  • review your writing and make edits or corrections.
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