Teaching Test Bank to Assist With SEAL (Select-Entry Year 7) Program Exams Offered by ACER®

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Help your child get practice & learn for their Select-Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program test using our ACER HAST-style teaching test bank. The teaching test bank combines 600 online practice questions (option to use timed or untimed practice mode) with a 'how-to' video to show your child how to answer the question in 5 steps or less for each question.

This test bank is perfect to prepare for SEAL test preparation for the following schools (we believe these schools to use ACER HAST, however, this can change and it is your responsibility to make sure that your school does use the ACER HAST for their select-entry exam):

Exam Success' teaching test bank gives you access to 600 multiple-choice questions similar to the SEAL (Select-Entry Accelerated Learning Program) ACER HAST in Grade 6 for Year 7 Entry. Questions are split up into:

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What is Exam Success' teaching test bank?

Exam Success has invented a better way to help your child prepare for their test through over 7 years of experience. Our teaching test bank is totally new in 2019 and gives your child access to practice questions and a 'how-to-answer' video for each question. Each 'how-to-answer' video shows your child how to answer in just 5 simple steps. This helps children learn exam technique and more importantly, how to solve problems quickly, just like the experts!

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