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These aptitude questions are very commonly tested for job entry, selective schools and scholarships. Such aptitude areas are:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Abstract or non-verbal reasoning
  • Mathematics
  • Reading

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  • Verbal reasoning - 8 sample test questions (to cover 'quantitative reasoning')
  • Maths - 8 sample test questions (to cover 'quantitative reasoning')
  • Abstract reasoning - 8 sample test questions.

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Expert Video Feedback Package

Want to know if your child's writing will pass or fail? Get expert video feedback on their writing while they learn from masterclass videos.

Your child will be able to request on 5 of their essays:

  • Scoring using our 52-point scoring system that pinpoints 5 areas where they’re losing marks in a scoring panel.
  • Expert video feedback that explains how they can improve on the two major weaknesses in their writing.

You can see an example of scoring and expert video feedback on a real essay here.

In addition, your child will have unlimited access to a library of 96 masterclass videos (viewable online via the website) while their writing club is active. A full listing of available masterclass videos can be found here.

The cycle for this writing club is 31 days.

Note well that this plan does not include live online tutor-led writing club sessions

What happens after you purchase?

First, check your email for log in details. We’ll get in touch with you to complete your exam details and set up your writing club dashboard with prompts that are suitable for your exam. Once your writing club has been activated, you’ll complete an essay and request feedback. When you get your feedback, we'll add masterclass videos to address the weaknesses identified. And then, you continue on writing the next prompt, incorporating all the learning you’ve gained to improve your score each time!

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$AU176.00 per cycle

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