- Introduction & ADF Aptitude Test Exam Strategy - (FREE PREVIEW)

In summary, the Australian Defence Force’s aptitude test is made up of two sub tests:

  • General ability
  • Mathematics

General ability is a broader name for a combination of reasoning tests being:

  • Numerical reasoning - test your ability to work with numbers and mathematical concepts in order to find a solution to a problem.
  • Verbal reasoning - test your ability to understand and reason using ideas that are expressed in words or letters.
  • Abstract reasoning - test your ability to pick up visual patterns, usually containing images that transform or within a series of images.

The maths test will test different degrees of mathematical concepts - some are relatively easy (e.g. finding the change if you purchase something) to the difficult (e.g. rearranging equations).

Whatever your background and level, this course will help you prepare for your exam through explaining the logic behind such questions and bringing to light the strategies that you can use to work out a solution.

We will show you the types of questions that may appear in your test and how to answer them successfully.

Our expert sat the exam in 2019 and here are three golden rules to follow:

  1. Read the question and look at the answer options carefully
  2. Maximise your use of time to make sure that you answer most questions correctly. You’re looking at:
    • 24 seconds per general ability question and,
    • 44 seconds per mathematics question.
  3. Answer All Questions Let’s start with getting you a benchmark score so that you can compare this with your end result. Note down your score and keep it handy. We’ll use that score to compare with your final result at the end.

Now it's time to do your assignment questions for this checkpoint.

  1. Download the assignment questions here.
  2. Print it out or if you want to do it electronically, save it.
  3. Complete the questions to it.
  4. Then check the solutions on the video below. The answer key is also on the final page of your downloaded assignment questions.

Well done! You have completed the introduction.

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