What’s in the Perth Modern School Test?

Perth Modern School is the only fully selective school in Western Australia.  To get into Perth Modern School, students need to sit the Academic Selective Entrance Test, which is coordinated by the Department of Education under the Gifted and Talented program.

According to the Gifted and Talented Application Guidelines 2015, the Academic Selective Entrance Test has 4 parts to it.

They are:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Communicating Ideas in Writing - this could be a creative writing story/discussion but in the past, most exams have featured a creative writing story test.
  • Quantitative Reasoning - this is also known as numerical reasoning, but ACER (who make the exam) have a history of combining what is traditionally numerical reasoning with the maths curriculum.
  • Non-verbal/abstract reasoning.

ACER – the Australian Council for Educational Research are likely to be the creators of the test.

To help prepare for the test – do some practice papers.  There are free selective entrance exam test papers available at the NSW Department of Education  - NSW Selective High School Placement Test Papers, or you can be additional practice test papers at Exam Success.

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Pragna June 24, 2016

Hi I am pragna I need help to my my kids to pass gifted and talented exam please send paper for me so I can help them

Asma Sabir October 24, 2016

Hi I need help to my my kids to pass gifted and talented exam please send paper for me so I can help them.

Vi from examsuccess.com.au November 03, 2016

Hi and thanks for your patience. Our range of test papers can be found here: https://www.examsuccess.com.au/test_papers.

Asma Sabir December 27, 2016

Hi I have enrolled my daughter in gifted and talented program. My question is that is there any institute which prepares children for the program? Or any teacher who can help in preparation. If anyone has clue in this regard, please advise.

Asma Sabir December 27, 2016

Thanks Vi dear

Anon January 19, 2017

Hi Asma, I took the GATE test 2 years ago and managed to get into Perth Modern. Honestly the public school I went to offered no help in preparing for the test as the majority were expected to go to the local high school which was Shenton. The only aspect which I can recommend that you child work on it writing as this is the area where most people ran into trouble the rest comes more naturally in the form of reasoning

Hina January 26, 2017

Hi Asma. Did you received the papers . Did you found them to be helpful . I'm also interested in getting them.

Hina January 26, 2017

Hi Vi, I'm interested in getting the papers for the preparation of GATE exam this year. Dot you have preparation packs for 2017 available ?

Leisly February 23, 2017

How did you prepare for the test? What sites/materials can you recommend for preparation?

Sunil February 27, 2017

What was the maxium marks for all four test? What was the cut-off marks required for admission to Perth Modern school?

Tom Bugg April 05, 2017

Pragna your child will fail the test you Indian curry munching cunt.

Tom Bugg April 05, 2017

That is terribly rude leave this site

brad August 13, 2017

I need advice and test examples. Anyone can help

kalyanie September 09, 2017

Hi Asma, Congratulations on your achievement. you really made your parents proud. will you be able to share how you prepared for the exam any particular material. please guide. thanks kalyanie

John October 23, 2017

My child is preparing the test for Year 10 enrollment in Perth Modern, She is now in Year 8. Is there any recommendation course or test examples? Thanks

Sadia November 07, 2017

Hi Can anyone tell where to get material to prepare for test...

Vi from examsuccess.com.au November 23, 2017

Hi Sadia, you can get materials from courses through to test papers for the test here: https://www.examsuccess.com.au/welcome/selective_scholarship_test_preparation.

Lily September 22, 2018

Hello Anon! Congratulations on getting in to Perth Modern. I'm gonna take the test in 2019 (for 2020). I am already bad in Writing. Anyways, how did you prepare for the test? Like what site did you use or who? Hope you can answer and help me! Like I really want to get in to Perth Modern, it sounds like a great school. Lily

KDV October 01, 2018

I strongly recommend Exam Success. Vi's preparation made all the difference in helping our sons both get into Perth Modern. Some things to do to help pepare for the test include 1) Start at least a year in advance. Do the practice tests found at the nsw government website for academic selective tests (they are free to download and include answers). Use this as the baseline. Aim for 60-80 percent as the end result. 2) Find out where the weakeness are based on these practice tests. Draw up a schedule of work based on Exam Success's courses and what you need to work on. 3) Plan to work 1-2 hours per evening on the work and at least 3 hours each day of the weekend/holidays. 4) Do at least one novel study that includes academic vocabulary and questions/answers comprehension. It's a good idea to select a novel that you are interested in! Quiz academic vocabulary and do vocabulary building to help with reading comprehension for the test. 5) After a year of work, take the tests again and see if you have improved from the start. Again, assess any areas of weakness and work on those before the test. Do no work the last 5 days before the test and just relax or exercise, but don't stress as much as possible. Good luck!

Annu January 08, 2019

Hi Anon, I was wondering if you have any tips for getting into Perth Mod. I'm doing the test in 2019 for a 2020 admission.Your help would be greatly appreciated

pat January 17, 2019

Hi anybody know how much the cutoff marks for Modernschool intake 2019 ?

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