Students Used These 3 Ingredients To Get Better Writing Scores in IELTS, Selective Schools, Scholarship Exams and NAPLAN...

What are the 3 ingredients to better writing for your exams – NAPLAN, Selective Schools and Scholarships and IELTS?

No. It’s not grammar and spelling exercises. It’s practice, modeling after good essays and review. Everything we do in writing club.   I want to show you the proof upfront and here it is:



In preparation for the Victorian Selective School Test, I ran a weekly session that did these three things. The results were astounding. All students improved on their previous base. You can see that in week 1, the writing is quite average and the essay hardly related to the prompt but by week 5, the essay was more sophisticated. The essays were ranked and feedback provided - you can even view these essays freely on our writing app.

Writing Club is a convenient online weekly writing improvement program that involves homework using our custom designed writing and ranking software and a one-hour weekly session online using video-conferencing software like Skype. We model after excellent writing examples, practice our writing and review – and we get results.

People often think that writing is the easiest part to get right in an exam. Wrong! It’s the hardest. While general ability, maths and even reading comprehension use multiple-choice questions – writing is free form. That means every mistake you make is visible to the examiner. It’s not just spelling and grammar that have to be up to scratch, you need to have structure, great expression and relate to the question.

It’s like building a house. If you’ve ever had renovations done or had your house built, you know the process. Architects, inspections, moving in etc… it all has to work in harmony. Same with an essay, every element needs to be in harmony.

That’s what we always aim for in Writing Club.  If you’d like to join us for Term 3, we have openings available on the website for creative writing and persuasive writing (Grade 3, 5, 7 and 9) and IELTS General Training. There’s only availability for 4 students for each writing club. Class starts on 17 July, but you need to book now to avoid disappointment as the class fills up quickly. You can find more information and reserve your spot here:

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