Congratulations on Your Results for Selective School Places!

Today, results came out for the Vic Selective Schools and  and we wanted to congratulate:

  • N Sirimanna (online tuition one to one) - who obtained at spot at MacRob - you were awesome to tutor and your hard work has definitely paid off! So proud and Congratulations also to your family.
  • N Miao (face to face tuition and one to one) -  obtained a selective schools spot at East Doncaster with only 2.5 months of preparation!  Hard work paid off guys!
  • V Chiang (face to face tuition and one to one) - also obtained a selective schools spot at East Doncaster.  Good on you!

I don’t directly tutor many students privately, because I like to put a lot of time and effort for each student and recently, don’t have available time - but you guys have made it enjoyable and really worthwhile by working hard and achieving such wonderful outcomes!

Congratulations again! So grateful to tutor you guys and look forward to reading in the news the amazing and interesting things you guys will be doing!


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