Are You Smart Enough to Pass the Selective School or Scholarship Test?

In Australia, majority of selective school tests and scholarship tests are held in February through to April.  With around 13,000 applicants and only 4,000 spots, the exam is fiercely competitive.

Doing practice questions is one way to become more confident for your scholarship or selective school test.

Try your hand at our free sample of the harder practice scholarship and selective school practice test questions taken from the Exam Success self-paced online preparation course.  Put your answers in the comments below.  Once we reach 10 comments, I’ll make the video solutions available.


Non-Verbal Reasoning

A figure is missing in the following sequence.  Which one of the answer figures would best replace the question mark?














Verbal Reasoning

Find the two statements that together prove that:

The girl in a pink dress came first in the beauty pageant.

1: In the beauty pageant Emily wore a pink dress.

2: Emily didn’t come second in the pageant.

3: Every contestant except for the winner in the beauty pageant wore blue.

4: The runner up in the beauty pageant was Emily’s best friend.

5: Emily’s best friend wore orange.

A) 1 & 2

B) 1 & 3

C) 1 & 4

D) 2 & 3


Numerical Reasoning

A rubber ball is dropped from a tower and each bounce is 50% high as the previous drop/bounce.  If the second bounce goes to a height of 20 cm, how many times will the ball bounce before it hits a height below 1cm?  (A bounce is when the rubber ball hits the ground and comes back up).

  1. 4

  2. 5

  3. 6

  4. 7

What is the original height that the ball is dropped from?

  1. 0.8 m

  2. 85 cm

  3. 100 cm

  4. 120 cm


Reading Comprehension

Which of the below situations best reflects the meaning that this proverb is intended to have.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease

  1. My father complained loudly about the quality of his coffee and the manager escorted him out.

  2. My father often services his own bicycle by greasing the wheels as he likes to prevent any future damage.

  3. My broken bicycle was left for days in my front yard as I tended to other things.

  4. My sister always asks for cake and my mother makes it for her.  My father doesn’t ask for cake and gets nothing.



Liz wants to put triangular stones in this plot using this pattern. Each triangle has height of 5 cm and base of 5 cm.






How many brown triangular stones does she need to completely cover a plot 2,000 cm x 1,000 cm?

  1. 40,000 pieces

  2. 80,000 pieces

  3. 160,000 pieces

  4. 200,000 pieces


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Chloe Ming January 28, 2015

1. B 2. A 3. D 4. A 5. D 6. B

Haresh January 28, 2015

Non verbal B Verbal A Numerical A,A Reading comprehension D Mathematics D

Hanan Sajid August 16, 2015

1 C 2 B 3 D 4 A 5 D 6 B

Thinker March 08, 2016

What's the answers?

Anu May 05, 2016

Can u please explain the maths one

Just Some Guy March 11, 2017

Non-Verbal Reasoning =====> B Verbal Reasoning =====> B Numerical Reasoning =====> D , A Reading Compreh... =====> A Mathematics =====> A

<anonymous> March 11, 2017

Answers B B D,A D A

Francesca December 31, 2017

Would love to hear how the first one works...

Francesca December 31, 2017

1.C 2.B 3.D 4.A 5.D 6.C

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