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by A+ Scorer

70% of Students Will FAIL to get a place! (Herald Sun 2014)

A record 3206 students applied for 941 spots open at the four top schools - Exam Success founder Vi says you need exam strategy View the article here.

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We've taken the online course for selective exam preparation. I'm really happy with the package, especially the writing one. My child's writing has improved a great deal. Where before he was never fond of writing, his constant response would be, 'I can't think of anything'. Now he comes up with great writing pieces in the stipulated time. The one-on-one with Vi have helped him tremendously. Thanks for all your help and support Vi, you've been very patient with him and spent a lot of time on checking his writing.

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I had ordered some of Exam Success writing books when I was preparing for my upcoming selective scholarship exam. They were very simple to understand and improved my writing to vast extends. Thank you and the rest of the team so much for the great production. I have succeeded the scholarship and got into one of Adelaide's finest High Schools. Thanks Again for the help Vi.

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