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Living with technology safely
by ???
Ranked 5.0

Notes: How to stay safe: 1. Tell trusted adult when experiencing strange stuff 2. Delete or exit a page that contains bullying What is it to be a part of appropriate behaviour when working with technology:...

Laptops, how to keep safe and what it appropriate at school Course package
by Jaswant
Ranked 5.0

Dear younger children, I have recently heard you have been using laptops. Laptops are great source of education and is very convenient for classes and especially for teachers. Laptops can be used for many things li...

How To Be Safe Online Course package
by Muhammad Usman
Ranked 5.0

As Grade 5 students change to going online, they will need to know how to be safe and how to appropriately behave on the internet, where many things can happen as one does not expect such as scamming and bullying. ...

Using Technology Safely and Appropriately Course package
by Venkat
Ranked 5.0

Course package
by anonymous

Though getting laptops to use in the classroom is very exciting , there are rules that you must follow to ensure that you can use them safely. While social media is something that you may like to use there are cert...

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