Sample Essays

a different perspective
by anonymous
Ranked 7.96

Once there was an architect named John, he had to make a new hotel for the new national park. So he started to go to work, he started to draw a blueprint going for a more futuristic architecture. Before he knew it h...

A Different Perspective Course package
by Tony
Ranked 7.75

I stepped onto the small yet fat plane as I checked that everything was with me. I shivered and tried to make myself not think about the horrors I’d have to go through seconds after I jump off the plane. I was going t...

Skydiving Course package
by Nicholas
Ranked 6.81

Peter had loads of pictures on his bedroom wall that he had always admired greatly. They were the pictures about the brave skydivers who took skydiving as a career 20 years before he was born. Peter had always wanted ...

Dangers of the skies.
by Thebrickboyaus
Ranked 6.46

The wind whooshed past, and clouds skimmed the top of the plane. Little people scurried about on the ground, running away from the landing site and preparing medical assistance. I went over to one of the walls of the...

by Splash
Ranked 6.26

I saw my friend’s feet dangled from the helicopter, he shivered from the frigid temperature. This was he dream… The only thing he had talked about. He shuffled to the ledge adjacent to the parachute. He wore the parac...

Writing Club
by Lucky
Ranked 6.0

I look up at the clear blue sky seeing people parachuting a cliff and can see they enjoy it. "I would never want to do that anyway". I muttered. "What did u say"? I quickly spun around to see who that was. It was my ...

Should television be prohibited ( I am submiting this instead can you please score this) :)
by Charlotte
Ranked 5.78

I don't think tv should be prohibited. The TV was a great invention created by John Logie Baird in the 1920’s. TV’s are a great source of entertainment and information. TV’s are a great way to entertain yourself, ...

Course package
by subasiny rabby
Ranked 5.27

I saw the airport gates and burst through them. The skydiving flight was just about to take off. The loud burr of the engine roared. It made all the other planes look tiny. I slipped through the silver ,thick ,steel d...

Pirate Frenzy
by Shriyan
Ranked 5.05

"take him to the prison cell, hopefully by then he will wake up." The guard dragged harry into the cells with a grin on his face. Dark red blood dripped down his face. "BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP." The alarm on the flying pira...

The Horrors of Suicide Writing Club Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 4.38

Dec 15 2000, The man was standing at the very edge of the farm building. "Don't do it!" I called. He turned to me and smiled "Why not?" he seemed to be asking. Then he let himself drop. I dashed forward determined ...

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