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Lost and found
by anonymous
Ranked 8.68

John put his hand to his pocket to grab his phone, then he realised something was wrong. He couldn’t believe it; he’d always kept his phone safe, yet now it was gone. John searched all around his room, but it was nowh...

Lost and Found Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.28

Putting his hand into his pocket to grab his phone, Ben noticed something was wrong. He could not believe it; he always kept his iPhone safe in his back left pocket. However, now it was gone. He searched everywhere ar...

Lost and found
by Acedit
Ranked 8.21

Emma and her mum stepped out of the car and moved towards the giant airport. They went up the long escalator whilst Emma looked around impatiently. They rose higher and higher until she could see the line of toy store...

Lost and Found Box
by Reedsong
Ranked 8.08

Grace took a deep breath savouring the contentment as she was poised to score the winning goal. She flew past other players, focused on nothing but her lucky panda ball, tattered from being kicked, thrown and fussed o...

Lost Found Pet Rescue Centre
by anonymous
Ranked 7.63

My eyes fluttered open as as I felt a heavy furry body slumped onto my body. It was my Golden Retriever puppy, Buddy. He wined as if telling me to get his food. I slowly dragged myself out of bed and went to the kitch...

I'm found Course package
by Dini
Ranked 7.57

A human about size of my owner walked past the alley, I gasped for breath yelped but I was ignored. As I moved my neck, the wire around my legs and neck cut deeper into my flesh, I winced in pain as blood erupted form...

Lost and Found Course package
by Tony
Ranked 7.55

I walked up the stairs with my parents as I looked around seeing shops everywhere. I was at the shopping Centre with my mum and dad. My parent’s mouths were straight, and they kept turning their heads then looking at ...

The Lost Jewel
by anonymous
Ranked 7.5

Mat’s footsteps echoed around the entrance of the forbidden temple as he walked inside. Old mossy vines hung from the edges of the brick dangling in front of him. He had heard about tales of a lost jewel and right now...

Mental Blanks
by anonymous
Ranked 7.44

Jeff's fingers darted around his keyboard as he typed up an essay about a forgetful boy. As he typed up his third paragraph, Jeff felt content and confident. Before long, Jeff had finished his last paragraph however h...

Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 7.26

The flower of darkness had lied before me, hidden by the sandy shells on the ocean shore. It was said that the Blossom family had torn it up, scattering its petals around the world. I picked it up in my soft hands and...

Writing Club Course package
by Cosmos
Ranked 7.08

A Lost Locket
by Anna
Ranked 7.07

‘Where is it?’ said Mary quite panicked. ‘Where?!’ Mary’s locket, her most prized possession had been stolen. Or was it just lost? That locket had been passed down from her great great grandmother, to her great grandm...

Lost Then Found
by sid
Ranked 7.04

Almost caught it, sprinting forward on my two legs, the butterfly was close to the grasp of my hand. Crack, I stumbled on a rock and wound my knee, turning my head to look at my leg, my heart races. I looked around ta...

Lost and Found
by Soham
Ranked 7.0

We were in the final room of the maze. Our team was so close that we could smell our victory. We were one riddle away. It was the grand final of the London Annual Inter-school Riddle Maze. We trained months after mon...

by anonymous
Ranked 6.93

Six long restless years and Judy couldn’t bear the thought of her puppy. It was only two months Judy had met her puppy. Now, it’s been six years and two months. She and her puppy had hardly have anytime together. In f...

A lost cat was found
by anonymous
Ranked 6.88

This is the story about the owner and his cat that was lost, but was found after many years. The owner in question is my neighbor and his cat named Pus. This happened couple of years ago when my neighbor on a daily wa...

Lost and Found
by anonymous
Ranked 6.86

Lucy sat on the silver benches, bored. Now, Lucy would have to sit on the bench for the whole lunch, for the whole year. Only because she didn't have a hat. There was no point in playing, or even trying to play. Ms Ma...

lost and found
by anonymous
Ranked 6.58

Eleanor wasn't feeling well, her heart ached every time she thought about the brand new notebook. 'I do remember that I had left it somewhere around the bench at recess,' she wondered. Eleanor can't imagine losing the...

Lost and Found Course package
by The Unknown
Ranked 6.53

Jerry scurried around the halls of his school to retrieve his bag since it was home time. The bag was hooked, but there was something missing. His keychain. Agitation and adrenaline rushed through him. He had always t...

Lost and Found! Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.5

A strangle sob escaped from my mouth. Tears welled up in my eyes, spilling down my cheeks, leaving glistening tear tracks upon my face. My family smiled in the photo pleasantly, my memories surging back like a tidal ...

Lost and found Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.49

Checking his bag for all his utilities for camping, Ben watched his clock, deleted his email in junk and put his phone on airplane mode for his Wi-Fi. This was Ben's first camping experience as his last one had gon...

by anonymous
Ranked 6.12

Plan: P1: Mandy receives a new project to find Emily's glasses that have cost her parents a lot P2: She looks everywhere in her house and at school P3: Mandy's little brother is becoming more suspicious P4: Mandy...

The Pen
Ranked 6.04

Jacob Smalter was not an ordinary schoolboy: he was a student who was extremely intelligent. His grades were usually the highest in the school and he always puts his hand up for the most fundamental questions to the m...

Lost & Found
by anonymous
Ranked 5.62

Angelina and Jackie have been best friends ever since preschool. Angelina and her family have been away camping for 3 weeks. When they got back Jackie invited Angelina for a sleepover at her house for the night. An...

The expensive jacket
by anonymous
Ranked 5.18

''You better not lose it!'' Shouted my mum. ''Alright I heard you!'' I moaned. ''It's not like I'm going to lose my jacket on the first day.'' I should've been more cautious of my actions. I bought this jacket for fi...

The Diamond Shop
by anonymous
Ranked 5.02

It was a cloudy day, it was cold and dull. The weather could even make a clown frown, it was drizzling and no one could see through the fog. That day was when the diamond shop had been robbed. The world famous Detec...

My Lost Hat
by Viana
Ranked 5.0

Brring!! The bell rang and all the students bunched up into the crowd. I followed the familiar pathways to the Year 5 classroom. I kicked my very heavy bag inside my locker and my blazer on the top locker, then as alw...

Course package
by Bryan

I looked at the empty cupboard in horror as I realised that I had lost my phone; tears clouded my vision as I remembered the happy memories when I had just received the phone. I started searching around the house; it ...

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