Sample Essays

Be careful what you wish for
by anonymous
Ranked 8.61

Abby had always been a bookworm; she had always managed to fit reading inside of her schedule no matter what. Every day, ages past her bedtime, she would be wrapped up like cocoon in her blankets while holding up a to...

Ella saves the day! Course package
by Joe
Ranked 8.35

Plot: Ella saves the camp from dehydration Paragraph 1: Ella reads a book and gets thirsty Paragraph 2: Ella found out that there was no water left so she finds a dam on her atlas Paragraph 3: She goes to the da...

The Night Time Read
by anonymous
Ranked 8.25

Kai rustled around underneath his blankets, preparing for the exciting book he was going to continue reading. As he made himself comfortable, he whipped out a torch to see where he was reading. Slowly, Kai removed the...

by Acedit
Ranked 8.06

“Lily it’s bedtime.” said Lily’s mum. Lily rolled her eyes and lifted herself off her parents’ bed. She reluctantly made her way to her bedroom and slumped on to her bed, wrapping herself up in blankets. She saw her p...

Reading in the Dark Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.97

Sam was going camping with a friend of his to a popular campsite. Racing to his bag, Sam pulled out his book and waved it in front of his friend’s face, cheering and smiling. With a laugh, his friend took out his own ...

A Mysterious Book Course package
by Olivia
Ranked 7.88

Emily was a curious child. She would explore the forest behind the playground, look for creepy crawlies under the bushes in her garden and put them in a jar in her room, and read endless books on science and geography...

Sleeping is important
by Senatsu
Ranked 7.82

The engine of the camping van roared to life as it rumbled enthusiastically, leaving my house. My family went camping to a tourist attraction which would take a few hours from home and I was reading at the back seat,...

Forgetting homework
by Comet
Ranked 7.81

I tiptoed into the house and stuck my head around the corner. Mum was humming her favourite song as she chopped up an onion. Breathing a sigh of relief I carefully crept past the kitchen and sneaked into my bedroom, w...

Hiding Course package
by Tony
Ranked 7.63

The wind howled and I shivered as I tucked myself deeper into the blanket and shivered. I was in my room trying to sleep but for some reason, something always woke me up. I bit my bottom lip, because I had no idea if ...

Reading Again Course package
by Somebody
Ranked 7.43

Emma was lost in thought as she read her favourite chapter - this was the part were they were going to battle zombies! Sighing, she wondered if she would ever be able to experience the wonders she read about under th...

The Search Course package
by Sam San
Ranked 7.36

An eerie, disturbing silence encapsulated my once jubilant household, which brought about a sense of uncertainty that tingled through my bones. My mother reluctantly stepped out of her bedroom, all emotions drained fr...

Night Time Mission Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.32

I was in my warm and snug bed waiting for the moment my mother closes the bedroom door. The door clanged shut. I spent no time waiting, sat up and took the action-packed book on the bedside table waiting for me to rea...

Writing Club Course package
by Cosmos
Ranked 7.25

The Secret
by The Unknown
Ranked 7.17

I crept down the hall, trying to be as silent as a thief. Unhelpfully, the timber, rickety floor was creaking uncontrollably. I entered through the arch door of my bedroom and straightaway shut the door. I had actuall...

Course package
by Rekha
Ranked 7.02

~Imagination is the wildest storm, strongest curse and a heavenly blessing. It is also who you are~ The light darted under the quilt. Amelia was careful not to shine the torch light out of the quilt or her hiding spot...

The Book and Miley Course package
by Michael Le
Ranked 6.95

Miley and her dad were at the book store. Miley jumped for joy when she saw the endless rows of books. As they looked through the aisles of books, Miley found one that she couldn't take her eyes off. Her dad bought th...

Reading in the Dark Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.86

Sam was going camping with a friend of his to a popular campsite. Challenging his friend to a competition of finishing the Deltora Quest series, Sam quickly opened his book and started reading. Focusing on his own boo...

Adventure in the haunted house
by anonymous
Ranked 6.3

Do you want to experience living in a haunted house? What would you do if you are trapped in such as house just by yourself and maybe with a ghost. Last week, Lily was playing with a ball in the playground near her...

Monsters In the Dark Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 6.17

‘A small girl hides behind a cupboard and sits down as tears roll down her cheeks, which she wipes with her shirt. The wooden floorboards creaked as slow footsteps walked around the room. Suddenly it stopped, scraped ...

Night Reading
by anonymous
Ranked 6.1

A loud snore told Adam that his parents were asleep. Checking that no one was awake, Adam cautiously tiptoed out of his bedroom, urging the floorboards to not creak. Adam flicked his torch on, and reached the living r...

reading the diary of a pirate. Course package
by VannieT
Ranked 6.08

Tumbling onto his mattress, Jack dived down into the pillows, pulling the covers over his head Jack flicking switch on his torch. The tiny beam of light illuminated the leather cover he held. Flicking to the last page...

by anonymous
Ranked 6.06

A lot can happen in five minutes. A great example is of May 4th, Luna's birthday. She had been suspecting my parents of wrongdoings in their past, but they'd always sternly deny it. Until one day. Luna was on my way t...

Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.06

I exhaled hastily and silently, praying for him not to find me. It seemed like this was going to be the end. I held my torchlight looked at my shivering hand and finally turned it off, everything was pitch black. The ...

A Night To Remember Course package
by Tan
Ranked 5.86

Max was under his blanket reading a book he was so keen on finishing. The reason being was that he was procrastinating through an assignment he was suppose to finish in 1 day, and he needed to read this book to answer...

A Tooth Disaster
by anonymous
Ranked 5.76

I was 5 when I lost my first tooth, when I lost my tooth my mom told me that if I put my tooth under my pillow. At midnight when I was sleeping the tooth fairy would come and change my my tooth with money. Th...

Camp Dinosaur
by anonymous
Ranked 5.48

Francis leaps out of bed and bounds downstairs! Today is her first school camp and she has never been camping before. She did a quick check to make sure she had everything packed – clothes, sleeping bag, pillow, bug s...

Surviving the Night Course package
by Rhodora
Ranked 5.47

''Goodnight Mia." My mother said with a sweet tone, "Night mum!" I replied, She turned off the lights, this was my first time sleeping in the dark on my own, I was shivering with fright, my eyes were open like an owl ...

The mysterious book
by Anna
Ranked 5.43

Jimmy strolled through the library, looking for an exciting book. Suddenly, he saw a book which the title was in strange writing he had never seen. He picked up the book, and there were letters, pictures or maybe symb...

Secret Read
by Viana
Ranked 5.06

I was watching TV then my mum called from the steps it was bed time. I pulled out my watch, unfortunately it was. Bad luck for me! Or was it? I mumbled a convincing okay but I smiled as I headed towards the bathroom. ...

The big war
by anonymous
Ranked 5.04

''We're starting the war in three, two, one, GO!'' I heard shouting and bullets flying past the lounge and couch. My friends all around me shouting. I aimed my nerf and... Bang. I shot two people with my bullet. It de...

Writing Club
by Lucky
Ranked 5.01

"Noooo," I said. Mum loves the outdoors and she wants THE WHOLE fAMILY TO GO CAMPING". "If you're wondering why i hate camping well here's the story". It was a sunny day and the whole family went camping and we found ...

My Best Purchase
by anonymous
Ranked 4.52

I ambitiously ran into my room closing the door tightly and feeling my emotions rise because of the cause of my best purchase yet. I threw the book and then laid eyes on the glorious cover of ' The Secret Superhero' ...

the demon under the blanket Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 4.47

in 2021, a newspaper is picked up. the man dusts the old rusty newspaper and glances at the date. "1974" he mumbles to himself, and the headline says "demon spotting, Hoax or not?" he starts reading. It tells of a boy...

Course package
by BigBrain

I walked down the misty alley, like a helpless and vulnerable bird. Thoughts raced in my mind. I knew I had to do it, unlock the Dairy of Death. The Dairy of Death was a gloomy and spine shivering dairy, which kept se...

Because I Read Course package
by anonymous

"Time to go to bed" came my mother's drowsy voice from down-stairs. I turned off the blinding lights in my room but still held the novel in my small hand. I went under my soft bed-covers and flicked on my torch. It be...

The Secret
by The Unknown

I crept down the hall, trying to be as silent as a thief. Unhelpfully, the timber, rickety floor was creaking uncontrollably. I entered through the grand, arch door of my bedroom and straightaway shut the door. I had ...

The Secret
by The Unknown

I crept down the hall, trying to be a silent as a thief. Unhelpfully, the timber, rickety floor was creaking uncontrollably. I entered through the grand, arch door of my bedroom and straightaway shut the door. I had n...

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