Sample Essays

Lost in the woods
by anonymous
Ranked 8.72

Terry looked out into the woods that situated right next to his home. The usually dark and ominous forest took on a warm, peaceful appearance. There were birds chirping in the trees, as if they were inviting him into ...

The Carnival
by anonymous
Ranked 8.26

Excitement burst inside Fred and Joe as they hastily raced towards the maze, each holding a paper ticket to enter it. They were at an amusement park because they wanted to go somewhere fun. As they headed inside of th...

Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 7.45

“I think we are going in the wrong direction..” said Analise as she bent down on the ground to inspect some footprints. Zara hissed at a twig that she stepped on and quickly looked at her nails with a horrified look o...

Bike Ride
by Soham
Ranked 7.0

Jack and Tony are best friends. They are next door neighbours and loved biking together to the ice-cream store after a long day at school. Their times together were divine, as if time slowed down just for them. It was...

"I think we are going in the wrong direction..."
by sid
Ranked 6.9

Sweating from top to bottom two kids ascended out from the school. Sam the elder one kneeled on the gates with his brother waiting for his mum to pick him and Max up. The air suffocated the kids hot air rushed at thei...

by anonymous
Ranked 6.32

There was a momentarily of silence until a worried voice of a young boy broke it. “Jill? I think we are going the wrong direction...” “Nonsense! we ARE going the right direction” replied a strong voice of a girl. ...

The Adventure of the Jungle of ASARABIC
by anonymous
Ranked 6.25

Campsite disaster
by anonymous
Ranked 6.0

The shadows of nearby trees cast over my face as the sun shone over the trees. My twin brother Mark and I were camping near the woods for our annual family camping trip. As we walked down a steep cliff, I tripped on ...

Where are we? Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 5.91

The fuel gauge was almost empty, while Greg and Bob, two best friends, were heading for Brisbane, a bustling city. It was dark now, making it extremely dark to read the map of theirs's and the street signs. Now the t...

a walk in the park
by Robin
Ranked 5.81

´Wow look at that pine tree ,it has to be the tallest in the whole world´ gasped Robert. ´You said that about those oak trees ´retorted James. Before Robert opened his mouth to defend himself , Lily interrupted. ´...

The forgotten maze
by anonymous
Ranked 5.15

I sprinted into the maze, not a second can be wasted. Mist surrounded the bushes and the shrubs stretching into every direction, putting on a mysterious veil that obscured the maze’s appearance. I slowed down, this is...

On The Run
by anonymous
Ranked 4.63

He was in my sight, the one person I had been searching for but then he vanished. On my first day of being a police officer I was assigned to finding a wanted criminal called the Panda. Since then, I've been all aroun...

Virtual Reality

The wind lashing his face, he jumped over the babbling brook and bone-grey boulders with his sister trailing behind. Jack and his twin sister were merely seventeen and here the were in a rain forest, in search of trea...

by Bryan

The elders of our tribe had always told us to never venture into the dark forest and that if we did it would be against the law of our tribe and it would be instant death. It was mysterious and I always wondered if le...

Lost in the Forest Course package
by Hcalculator

The luxuriating raspberries melted in the children's mouths, filling it with the sweet aroma of rich forest berries - that they couldn't stop helping themselves to devouring the fruit - until they ran out. They had pl...

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