Sample Essays

You go first, I'll follow...
by anonymous
Ranked 9.36

Casey showed me the loose bit of tape which was keeping the public from entering the construction area, that she had been talking about all day in school. She had always been mischievous, and had a habit of dragging m...

Follow The Leader Course package
by Carolyn
Ranked 8.28

It was a golden morning with the sunshine pouring down on the vast, green landscape. The thick grove of trees revealed a cottage which Lilly and Jenny's happy family lived in. The girls however, don't get along often ...

Fire escape
by anonymous
Ranked 8.06

I sprint down the school corridors, Eva and her gang of bullies chase after me. I am outnumbered. I regret running away as Eva comes towards me cracking her knuckles. “Look who we’ve got here” she sneers. She snatches...

You go first, I’ll follow…
by anonymous2020-2
Ranked 8.06

Plot: Two people go into a laboratory and find a door that leads into space. Paragraph 1: They find a portal in a laboratory. Paragraph 2: They go through the portal and end up on an asteroid. Paragraph 3: They jum...

You go first, I’ll Follow! Course package
by Tony
Ranked 7.99

Finally, my family and I are in the bush! Our car rolled to a stop as I opened the door and jumped outside. We did the normal camping things, setting up the tent and getting firewood for small fires. After all that ...

Follow the leader Course package
by ♡✿❤️𝒞ockαtσσ❤️✿♡
Ranked 7.91

Luna gazed at the glorious sunset, admiring the splendid view. Invisible paintbrushes streaked fiery reds, lemon yellows, deep indigos and dappled pinks across the vibrant, blue sky. The first stars were slowly peakin...

The Unknown Pyramid
by anonymous
Ranked 7.66

"You go first, I will follow.." Course package
by Cooper
Ranked 7.62

The frigid gale wrestled my brother and I marched our way towards the school shed. That shed was abandoned for many decades and there have been rumours that a ghost lived in the shed. It was late in the afternoon and ...

“You go first, I’ll follow…”
by Alex.W
Ranked 7.61

I turned to look at my weary companion, he stared at me through an ashen complexion, his lacklustre eyes glared into mine with no emotion. Leo and I were trekking through the treacherous Rocken Caves, is search of con...

The talent show Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.61

Jamie whistled a tune as Hamish shuffled his feet. He was starting to have second thoughts about the talent show. The boys could hear the audience clapping and they knew that it would be their turn soon. "I can't do...

The Walking Trail
by Naomi
Ranked 7.33

The sun had been blindingly bright as I drove off to my best friend Diana's house. Diana and I had been friends since grade one of primary school where we both discovered our love for art. We met in Art class while we...

You'll go first and I'll follow..
by anonymous2008
Ranked 7.29

Beep! Beep! Beep! wailed my alarm clock on a Monday morning. I woke up to feel butterflys in my stomach, but not knowing why. Then it hit me, it was the grand finale for the running race at school! I quickly jumped ou...

Carnival Creeps
by anonymous
Ranked 7.09

The wind twisted through the air as John walked into the school fete. He was wearing a white t-shirt with a fiery skull printed on the front. His friend, Aydin, was with him, wearing a football jersey from his old foo...

Stuck in the Darkness Course package
by S8G8
Ranked 7.02

"Come on Jenna, hurry up!" My sister yelled at me as I struggled to put my skirt on. I quickly jumped down the stairs to my sister who was waiting for me tutting to herself. As we got into the car, I asked her where w...

You go first, I will follow
by Vishaka Rupasinghe
Ranked 6.82

My room was much spookier at night than it was in daylight, as it was darker, lonelier and quieter. I was having a really hard time trying to sleep that particular eerie night. It was close to midnight and I was tired...

You go first, I’ll follow
by anonymous
Ranked 6.77

“You go first, I’ll follow,” I said as Bob stepped onto the ferris wheel. I was terrified of heights but Bob had convinced me to go on this carnival ride with a gift voucher he had gotten for his birthday. Since I had...

Lost on the Mountain
by anonymous
Ranked 6.75

"Hey Dave, what route do you think we should take on the way down?" asked John. "I think we should go down green, stop at the cafe and then cut back into red'' replied Dave. "Alright, you go first, I'll follow" said...

The Abandoned House (Follow The Leader) Course package
by anonymous2020March
Ranked 6.66

It was a cold, Saturday afternoon as Jack and his brother Josh got their costumes ready. “We’re going to go trick or treating!” Jack exclaimed as he put on his skeleton mask. “Be back at 6:00!” Their mum said while sh...

Candy world
by Yuna
Ranked 6.5

Today was the day for the excursion and Zara was early and excited, ready to learn about animals at the zoo. She is 8 years old and in year 3. When she arrived at school, she could hardly contain her excitement. ...

Follow the Leader Course package
by Joe
Ranked 6.5

As Bob sprinted down the school corridors, Jim and his friends chased after him. Jim ran towards Bob pulling rude faces. “Ooh scaredy cat, ha-ha.” Jim smirked. He seized Bob’s giant textbook, and he threw it across th...

A Scouts Adventure Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.45

Today was the day that I had a chance to earn my second scouts badge. My group leader explained that if we all wanted to get our second scouts badge we would have complete an obstacle course in the woods. It sounded e...

Follow the leader
by Ajay
Ranked 6.39

You Go First! Course package
by Aimeely
Ranked 6.36

It was a normal day in town and Greg and Lucy were strolling through the streets. As they were walking, something strange caught Lucy's eye - a house she had never seen before. It was strange because the house was dar...

Following The Leader Course package
by grace walker
Ranked 6.29

Joe slumped helplessly on the sidelines. The Vultures were dominating the Alligators 6-2. Joe himself practiced tirelessly for this game. It was just that everyone on his team were playing like complete idiots, apart ...

The pink diamond
by Zack
Ranked 6.28

"You go first, I'll follow", I told my friend John. we were climbing a fence with barbed wire, and there were 'NO ACCESS' signs dotted along the fence. I shivered through my jacket in the damp coldness of the night. I...

The mystery door in the jungle
by GG
Ranked 6.26

The dry leaves were crashing underneath my feet, as I walked. The humongous trees were covering up the sky, making a striking view. I was happily walking in the jungle with my friends, watching the sunlight beaming do...

Follow the leader Course package
Ranked 6.12

“You go first, I’ll follow”, Axel said as they entered the dingy yet sizeable house. It smelt of rotting fish and the damp floor looked as if it had been moulding for centuries. “So, what exactly are we looking for?...

by anonymous
Ranked 6.06

"Come on lets go into the forest now," "you go first i'll follow." Ben was running through the forest happily playing with his big brother. It was late so he went back home into his house to eat dinner. that was when...

You go first, I'll follow... Course package
by Jessica
Ranked 6.01

It was Halloween! Mia and I were super excited! We were ready to go trick-or-treating! After all that, we'd planned to go to Mia's grandparents' house for a sleepover. Mia's grandparents are the coolest grandparents e...

The Treasure accident
by Sid
Ranked 5.84

“You’ll go first, I’ll follow,” John spoke solemnly. We were just 20 metres away from ‘Legend’s Treasure’. John and I had boldly and courageously fought our way to the end of the map. We had embarked on this journey t...

The Woman In the House
by Harvey
Ranked 5.7

"You go first, I'll follow," Nancy murmured to me quietly. The house looked old and abandoned. I expected it to be vacant but I saw a light on the second story window so I scraped that prediction. I reached out to tu...

Is this Right?
by anonymous
Ranked 5.64

I looked back and plastered on a fake smile. I was truly nervous,' you go first, I will follow.' I didn't want her to know about my issue when I received my diagnosis a week ago. I believed my impulsive disorder troub...

by Jess D
Ranked 5.56

Ash 'Wow", Everyone says as we step out of the bus. the smallest of the smallest of the snow flakes fall over all of our head...

Course package
by Zee
Ranked 5.51

There were people running everywhere. People with food and snacks in there hands and talking with friends and family were everywhere to be seen. The two twin sisters, Lisa and Leia, had to shout to be able to talk. Th...

You First
by Kay
Ranked 5.35

I woke up, it was a warm sunny day and the wind blew gently outside my bedroom window. I ran down the stairs thinking about how school was going to be today. My mum said that breakfast was ready. So I grabbed a plate ...

Writing Club
by Cosmos
Ranked 5.33

Me and my study mate and friend max are searching through the amazon rainforest for a specific leaf for our science project. Max has a great phobia of snakes so I tell him to follow me. I was the leader of the s...

Following the leader
by Acedit
Ranked 5.33

"C'mon" yelled the kid "The entrance is right here". The kid slowly followed behind, whimpering. The two boys enter a large hole. "You go first whispers the scared child. The other boy mutters something that the scare...

A Cliffhanger Story Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 5.04

You go first, I'll follow... said Bella anxiously. She was with her friend, Amelia and they were exploring the rain forest, admiring its beautiful creatures and mother nature. They were at camp for a science expeditio...

The leader
by Bryan
Ranked 4.91

The sky was sapphire blue and no rain was visible. I stepped into the classroom, staring at the floor with fear slithering through my heart. Nobody spoke to me and I refused to speak to them. I sat at my table miserab...

follow the leader
by Lizy
Ranked 4.89

The best friends stepped into the cave .The cave was pitch black so they puled out their iPhones and used them as torches. They walked confidently and held their heads up high. So it looked like they weren't scared or...

Following The Leader Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 4.82

Follow The Leader P1 – I find a cave and spread the news to my friends P2 – We figure out who the leader will be and what we have to do P3 – We have a quarrel in the cave of where to go P4 – End up cooperati...

Following the Leader
by ChrisAcedit!!!
Ranked 4.28

"GET UP NOW!" I was getting shouted at for just getting distracted! I wanted to become a soldier and save his country in the Military. I went to a Bootcamp to see how it feels and if I was able to handle those conditi...

by Sutha
Ranked 4.14

It only took me a moment to figure out what was going on.It was rather obvious;the fact he would always start whispering to a person in particular.he would also tell me that i should go first and he'll follow me at th...

Follow the leader. Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 4.05

The sun was awake and the small birds were chirping their sweet melody. The scout recruit were lining up to go camping the first time with each other. All the recruit had bags full of the necessary equipment : tents,...

Following The Leader
by Mizuki
Ranked 4.02

The rhythm rang across the room, as Ruby's ruby red eyes fixed on a butterfly that had just landed on her hair. The butterfly's wings glowed, and was the most remarkable thing Ruby's friends saw with her. Her hair was...

following the leader
by anonymous
Ranked 1.0

Joe slumped helplessly on the sidelines. The Vultures were dominating the Alligators 6-2. Joe himself practiced tirelessly for this game. It was just that everyone on his team were playing like complete idiots, apart ...

Course package
by Yogith Gudise

Harry stretched his arms as he rubbed his eyes slowly, Harry then darted to the dining table to see his breakfast ready on a smooth quart-like bowl. Sprinting to his room, he got changed in his school uniform as fast...

Finding my inner self Course package
by JEN

I was well known for bossing my group around, but I can't help it! Also they would be scattered everywhere without me - pretty much hopeless. I know, it looks like i'm bragging but this is only the truth! Once this ti...

Course package
by JEN

I was well known for bossing my group around, but I can't help it! Also they would be scattered everywhere without me - pretty much hopeless. I know, it looks like i'm bragging but this is only the truth! Once this ti...

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