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Amazon’s Message Course package
by Cooper
Ranked 8.86

It was in the dewy morning that my friend and I started our camping expedition into the Amazon Rainforest. We were readily packed with everything needed for a camp. The rainforest stood proudly before us with intricat...

That's different Course package
by ♡✿❤️𝒞ockαtσσ❤️✿♡
Ranked 8.08

Cora stepped out into the sunshine with her best friend, Hazel as they trekked towards their campsite. They were going to explore a rare birch forest today. As they finally reached their camping spot, a small owl flew...

That's Different...
by anonymous2020-2
Ranked 8.02

Plot: Steve finds a television that teleports them into a cave while he is camping. Paragraph 1: He finds a TV on a camping trip. Paragraph 2: He gets teleported into a dark cave. Paragraph 3: He gets attacked by a...

Jungle Chase
by anonymous
Ranked 7.93

In the middle of the woods, a small wooden treehouse was constructed on the ground. A little boy came rushing out in excitement to explore. He whipped his backpack around his shoulder as he climbed down the ladder. Th...

Return to the secret base
by Kuribo
Ranked 7.76

As I looked at the scenery rush by I slowly felt more anticipation as to returning to my homeland. It was where I grew up with my childhood friends, and I was returning after almost thirty years overseas. There were o...

Thats Different... Course package
by Tony
Ranked 7.72

When was I ever going to get out of this forest? Now I’ve been lost in the forest for hours and what makes me more worried is that I still don’t know where I should go to get out of this forest. I started to tremble a...

That's Different
by anonymous
Ranked 7.68

The fresh, damp smell filled the air as the secret agent crept through the forest, studying the wet undergrowth. Recently, people who had gone into this forest had gone missing and today, the agent was here to figure ...

A Dazzling Rain forest.. Right? Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 7.65

A dazzling rain forest was standing before her eyes ready to have its first human feet walking upon it. It have leafy vines swaying with a gust of wind as the water at the top of the leaves oozed into the crystal clea...

The Middle of Nowhere Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.25

Ariana skipped behind the old oak tree in the middle of the woods. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5...ready or not here I come!" Ariana's brother yelled to his siblings. Ariana held her breath as her brother walked past her. Thinki...

Adventure in the Jungle
by GG
Ranked 7.19

I walked through the lush green jungle. It was very hard finding my way because of the humongous leaves covering the big forest, so the sunlight couldn’t beat down. Suddenly, I heard some sounds. As I hopped up and lo...

That’s Different... Course package
by anonymous2020March
Ranked 7.12

Today was a bright, sunny morning and it was going to be the best day ever. Why? I was going camping with my best friend Riley! I leaped out of bed straight away, brushed my teeth, got dressed and started packing all...

An Interesting Finding Course package
by S8G8
Ranked 7.07

I woke to the birds singing in my ear. I was in an unrecognisable place and quickly asked myself where I was. then I remembered that I was camping in the forest a few hours from my home. I jumped out of bed excited to...

Writing Club
by Cosmos
Ranked 7.03

I and my friends went camping in the woods for the weekend so we could rest. When we arrived at the campsite I and my friends started setting up our tents and fire. When one of my friends went to get some water he tri...

Save the Environment
by Harvey
Ranked 7.0

It was just a relaxing Sunday noon. My friend, Kate, and I were taking a walk in the nearby forest. It was a humid afternoon so Kate and I were planning on returning home really soon. Until we saw something that quick...

What the tv caused
by Yuna
Ranked 6.93

Liam and Leo loved to explore the forest and find new creatures and plants, during their hike. On Leo’s 20th birthday, Liam and Leo went on an adventure in the woods to celebrate a new decade. They found all sorts...

The lost TV
by anonymous
Ranked 6.6

We sprint down the stairs and into the small clearing behind our grandparents’ house with our new soccer ball. My brother kicks the ball to me and I kick it back to him but he misses. The ball slowly rolls into the bu...

That’s different Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.52

I panted and stopped for a rest, it has been only a couple of minutes of my morning jog and I’ve already had a rest. I continued jogging after a while into the lush green forest, I suddenly stopped in my tracks and ...

by Jess D
Ranked 6.22

As Clem walked Through the jungle, as she looked around in aw, Clem loved the nature. Clem went and sat under a tree. She slowly closed her eyes as the wind roared; making her smooth red hair sway around. After some t...

That Is Not Normal...
by Vishaka Rupasinghe
Ranked 6.16

One fine Autumn evening, my friends and I were going to camp at a usually popular campsite that was located in a lush forest. Everyone was excited for the well planned camping day. We were in the middle of an interest...

The Leaning Tree of Snake Island
by ChrisAcedit!!!
Ranked 6.07

"Aah!" I shouted in fear. A snake had appeared next to us in the bushes while my Dad and I were watching television. We went camping in the jungle for an adventure and the snake we found did not look like any innocu...

That's Different
by Mizuki
Ranked 6.06

I tiptoed into the unknown garden where the plants were always happy without a frown. Leaves rustled,birds chirped and everything was perfect. the breeze was the only thing that was source of air there the place was ...

Not an Ordinary Place
by anonymous
Ranked 6.01

The deeper I travelled into the woods the more intriguing things became. I used my hands and pushed away from the tall weeds, dividing it into two bunches, hidden behind it revealed a battered-looking TV. I pause and ...

Vampire! Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 5.88

The birds were chirping their melody music. Two twins, Alex and John, were sleeping in their comfortable bed. Their parents were not that wealthy so they had a hard life and want to help others. Near Alex and John's h...

Secret of the forest
by Sutha
Ranked 5.28

Michael stared deeply into the forest and looked at the leaves which caved in. He was here for the treasure of the god and nothing could stop him, Michael dived into his pocket and fished out a folded peice of paper....

by anonymous
Ranked 5.18

Suddenly it was then that I found our lost TV I didn't need to read books anymore I could just watch TV the whole time. I was there watching TV and just relaxing when i heard my parents say that we were going on camp ...

That’s different
by anonymous
Ranked 4.89

That's different... Course package
by Jessica
Ranked 4.68

"Hello? Mum? Dad? Anybody?" Naomi and I are lost in the woods. We're camping for a nice, relaxing holiday with our parents. Apparently, not-so relaxing for me! Do you know how many cobwebs I accidentally walked into?...

tree box
by Kay
Ranked 3.92

I name is John. I love to watch TV it is the best thing of my life. Everyday when i come home i watch TV. Recently i've been watching 5 hours a day. Dad and Mum say it is unhealthy but i really like it. I was walk...

The speaker
by Justh
Ranked 3.25

"what is that thing? '' whispered Jerry. As Jerry and Greg moved towards the strange speaker like object, a sudden burst of sounds thundered. "woop woop woop thoomp woop thomp" cried the speaker. Frightened Jerry and...

The Time Machine
by Bryan
Ranked 3.2

John was a champion and soon his invention will be known to the world. He grabbed the phone immediately and spoke to his friends with a smug look on his face. Skipping around the cafe with a tingle of excitement in hi...

That's Different Course package
by Myrah

I shuffled along the muddy pathway getting mud squishing inside my shoes. Beck was an adult and in charge of bushwalking on the campsite. Unfortunately, she made us go on for hours until we fainted from all the exerci...

A Prank
by Bryan

John and his time machine will be known throughout the world; he grabbed the phone immediately and spoke to his friends with a smug look on his face. Skipping around the laboratory with a tingle of excitement in his h...

Not an Ordinary Place
by anonymous

The deeper I travelled into the woods the more intriguing things became. I used my hands and pushed away from the tall weeds, dividing it into two bunches, hidden behind it revealed a battered-looking TV. I pause and ...

Lost in the Middle of Nowhere Course package
by anonymous

Ariana skipped behind an old oak tree. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5...Ready or not here I come!" her brother yelled out to his siblings. Ariana held her breath as her brother walked past. Thinking the spot was too obvious, she r...

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