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Faucet Drip
by anonymous2020-2
Ranked 9.28

Plot: There is a drought in Sarah's town, but she creates a device that brings rain. Paragraph 1: Sarah lives on a farm and runs out of water to grow crops. Paragraph 2: Sarah attempts to invent a mechanism that pro...

Faucet drip Course package
by ♡✿❤️𝒞ockαtσσ❤️✿♡
Ranked 8.66

The heat was like a wave, washing over Daisy as her paws blistered under the vibrant sunlight. It lashed at her, striking out with full force as it surrounded her, her tongue dried up as she forced out a feeble mew. H...

Course package
by ITN
Ranked 8.28

Catherine was a girl who loved learning  about new things. Along with her three younger siblings ,she lived at the west end of her town as her parents were farmers. Week after week they would go to their local market ...

Faucet Drip Course package
by grace walker
Ranked 8.26

Jimmy sighed. Today had been such a scramble. To start with, he fought over the household's hammock with his brother, Sam. Then he had to fend off his sister, Alexandra, from entering his room when he was writing his ...

The Faucet Drip Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 8.07

Drip! Drip! on the parched ground, a little girl sat near a faucet, waiting for her bucket to fill. The sun beat down savagely upon her Afro hair and she could smell the dust swirling around. She was swamped with mixe...

Thirst (Take Two)
by Riptide98
Ranked 7.99

Heat was like a sword, piercing my skin and searing my sunburned face. My blistered paws scraped against the scorching asphalt as I drearily roamed the abandoned streets. The drought had caused disaster after disaster...

Faucet Drip Course package
by Aimeely
Ranked 7.84

Bob was finally home alone. After all the years of hoping and praying, at last he had a day all to himself. His parents were going away on a business trip and his sister was on school camp, which meant for a whole day...

Dehydrated Course package
by Cooper
Ranked 7.83

I lay on the couch, longing for water. The sun was horrendous, scorching anything in its sight. The burning sand had turned into a magma pool, trapping me inside my arid house. It had been days since my tap stopping w...

by Riptide98
Ranked 7.73

P1 - Dog is roaming the streets and is thirsty. comes across a tree and takes a nap P2 - The dog wakes up and feels dehydrated, finds a tap and drinks the water P3 - He still feels sunburned but it starts to rain wh...

Dripping Faucet Course package
by Tony
Ranked 7.66

Drip! Drip! The drops of water fell into the bucket as I watched it fill up. My state was in drought and my last source of water was a dripping faucet. I stared into the bucket with blank eyes and then I rested my hea...

Faucet drip Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 7.53

I live in whazoom and things use to be normal, but ever since the horrible witch used magic and took away a great amount of our water. Everyone in whazoom is suffering from lack of water, this was a serious proble...

A heatwave Course package
by Avengers01
Ranked 7.06

The scorching sun shone its bright rays on my furry back while I wandered the streets searching for a drop of water. The only thought in my mind was to search for the old faucet that drips precious water every so oft...

Every Last Crip Counted. Course package
by S8G8
Ranked 7.02

Amanda lived on a country farm down south of Australia. They had many cows, pigs, sheeps, chickens and horses, all in one half of the big area. In the other half, was their crops. The floor of that area was so pretty....

A Drop Of Hope Course package
by mysterious?
Ranked 7.02

I scurried across the burning sand searching for a rock to take shelter under. The sun mercilessly beat down upon the earth, scorching my scales. It hadn’t rained for months now. Even though I was a lizard that had ad...

Rain has Come
by Harvey
Ranked 6.98

The sun had just begun to rise from the horizon. It beamed through my bedroom window and hit my face. As I felt the intensity of the heat, I forced myself to get up out of bed. I dashed downstairs since I had smelt pa...

Broken Tap
by anonymous
Ranked 6.97

A brown and rusty tap stood in the corner of the village. Every morning at 5 am Sarah would have to run there and stand in a long queue in order to get water for her family. Her mother had a bad back and her fathe...

Faucet Drip
by anonymous
Ranked 6.93

A long stream of students came bustling out the door as the school bell rang in the distance. Bob’s throat burned as the sun beat down on him, sucking every last drop of water from his body. Stumbled slightly, Bob kne...

The broken watch
by Jess D
Ranked 6.89

Max runs up the stairs as he gets back home from school. Max was so excited for the festival he was going to go to later that day. He tried to pick the best clothes he had, he carefully picks up his expensive leather ...

The Life-Saving Innovation Course package
by Sanny
Ranked 6.88

Dust rose in small, grey eddies in the barren, prodigious land. Heat beat down on Tim from a steel-blue sky, parching his lips, searing his eyes and bleaching the moisture out of his skin. The lush green grass turned...

Writing Club
by Cosmos
Ranked 6.8

Running the school would be extremely hard, sometimes irritating and selfish boys and girls would do tricks and stunts damaging school equipment. I as the school principal trying to stop this disrespectful behaviour ...

Faucet Drip
by ChrisAcedit!!!
Ranked 6.66

On a bright and humid day, a group of teenage friends went on an adventure trip. The trip was to learn to survive without taking any support from adults. It was designed to see how skilled they were to survive in ch...

For a Fish's Sake
by Vishaka Rupasinghe
Ranked 6.65

This all happened a while ago, when I was in 6th Grade. I can remember it better than I can remember my last birthday. Anyways, it was one of those times when I got truly scared. Well, I would describe it as a real li...

Faucet drip
by Yuna
Ranked 6.53

When he woke up, Marcus brushed off the dust that came falling from the wrinkled, damp ceiling. He was 9 years old and he and his mother could just afford a tiny cottage with a single room. One rainy, soaking day, h...

Faucet Drip Course package
by Devya
Ranked 6.46

Living in a small village, in a small corroded house was part of Amy's everyday life.With her parents working hard day and night, watering and harvesting crops, they received just enough money to feed the three mouths...

The Family Map Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.46

Drip, drip. The bathroom faucet dripped slowly. It should have been working since I had had the plumber come yesterday to do the monthly check-up. I looked into the faucet and saw it was clogged up by something. I stu...

Faucet Drip Course package
by Jessica
Ranked 6.41

Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. "Marilyn, don't just stand there looking at that faucet! Fix it already!" yelled Mrs Vex, Marilyn's mother from the kitchen. You can tell by her name that she's always got a way ...

Faucet Drip Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.35

"Drip! Drip! Drip!" The faucet was dripping again. Ellie was tired and decided that she would could the local plumber. Her baby son was already driving her crazy, and she thought that if the faucet started dripping a...

Faucet Drip Course package
by anonymous2020March
Ranked 6.1

One cold, cosy evening I was brushing my teeth and got ready to go to bed early because of tomorrow’s online math test. I usually go to sleep quite late and wake up tired for school and end up accidentally skipping qu...

Course package
by anonymous
Ranked 6.1

It was another day in the outback. The sun was high in the sky and every living thing was resting under shade. There were deep scars in the ground. Two adults, Alex and Will, went to the tap turned it on to get som...

Tap Course package
by starlight
Ranked 5.94

Drip, drop, the tap was dripping. I was having a shower and when I was finishing my nice warm shower I heard the tap dripping. I wondered why it was dripping because it has never drip before. It was a tap that was kep...

Faucet Drop
by anonymous
Ranked 5.93

Tom ran into the mysterious farm, hands wet and muddy. He was always up for an adventure and was ready to explore. He looked around in search of a tap to wash his hands. The grass was flattened by Tom’s shoes, as he r...

by anonymous
Ranked 5.92

I banged on the tap yearning for the fresh cool water to come rushing to my mouth, but nothing comes out. I frowned eager for some water, it hit me before I know it. I reach out up for the tap where I try to squeeze m...

the tap drip
by Zack
Ranked 5.91

I am bob junior. I live with my mum and dad. the house we live in is very unsanitary because of the rotting floorboards and the mould in odd places. our house is like this because mum and dad are always leaving the ta...

the drought strikes town
by anonymous
Ranked 5.91

The dry ground cracked under my feet as I walked to the drought stricken town. I stood to look around to see an old lady knitting on her small rocking chair. The floor boards creaked at each rock. I look continue to e...

Water Saver
by Kay
Ranked 5.87

I saw many kids and teachers as I walked down the school corridor. I was very excited about my first day at school. As I entered the classroom I felt like going to the bathroom. I got up and asked the teacher. " Miss,...

The Disco Night Course package
by My name is no my number is no u need to let it go
Ranked 5.69

Boom! Boom! Boom! Party disco lights flashed around her as she stepped in. Swirls of colour danced around as people pushed others to get to the sweet and savoury foods area. Aleece was outstanded at what the school ha...

Course package
by Star Wars
Ranked 5.44

Drip,drip,drip. This was the sound of a faucet that never seemed to close. It sped up, and slowed down. It was outside a small stick hut, where it was wedged in the hard, parched ground as a big puddle formed undernea...

Faucet Drip
by Mizuki
Ranked 5.39

I half-opened my eyes and dawdled to the faucet in the kitchen, as my throat was hollow, and dry. For the first time in my life the walking part of my long, and exhausting trip to the kitchen tap was the most horrify...

The Mysterious Sound
by Bryan
Ranked 5.26

The sky was pitch black and the rain was pouring outside. My friend came over for a play date that day. I sat in my comfortable couch talking to my friend, however a light sound walked beside our ears so we thought t...

Spring and Summer House
by Naomi
Ranked 5.16

Clothes fly everywhere in the room as a girl named Cassie is eagerly packing for the big move. "Cass, hurry we're leaving in five minutes!" said her mum. "Okay mum" she replied as she rushed downstairs with her suitc...

The leak
by Justh
Ranked 5.08

"Dad, there's a leak" cried Jane. She closley inspected the leak on the faucet. Larry , Jane's dad inspected the drip on the garden hose.Larry closely trailed down the hose until he realised there's a leak in the base...

by anonymous
Ranked 4.89

by anonymous
Ranked 4.19

drip drop drip drop " aaaaaaah mom dad save me the snake is attacking me." Samuel heard his mums footsteps slowly approaching his bedroom upstairs. Samuel knew of the incoming yelling so he sneakily got his school t s...

The Tap Of Magestic
by Sutha
Ranked 4.05

Our legs scurried across the wet kitchen table, one slip and we'd all fall to death onto the floor walked by those called humans .It was a tremendously long journey to reach the tap of majestic, legend has it that tho...

Drip, Drip Course package
by anonymous

The old well that supplied my country town with water was only recently replaced with a small tap for the town. The townspeople were angry at the mayor for replacing a water source that could be accessed in our homes ...

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